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Запуск производства предварительно изолированных труб Terrendis

Terrendis is the new Belgian subsidiary of the RYB Group, one of the leading plastic manufacturers in France / Company history / Pre-insulated, flexible piping systems / Distribution model with local strategic partners

KWD-globalpipe, 23.04.2015. RYB, founded as a family-owned company in 1962 and named after its founders Raymond and Yvette Bommer, has been producing and developing plastic piping systems and solutions for building, construction and civil engineering, water handling and the environment. In 1992, the company was acquired by the Finnish UPONOR group, and was their main French branch for serving these segments for 13 years. With the management buyout in 2005, RYB regained its identity as an independent, owner-managed industrial company. As a private industrial company, RYB ex-panded gradually, both organically and through acquisition. It has become one of the leading plastic manufacturers in France, all the while retaining its initial values and objectives.

Today, the company has three production plants in France for its pipes and networks and drain-age activities. In addition, it is showing excellent development through several international subsidiar-ies and offices (Montreal, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Pointe-Noire). RYB strives for continuous prod-uct improvement through its active R&D department. For quite some time, RYB has also been active in the renewable energy market as a developer and manufacturer of high quality systems and com-ponents for geothermal applications.

Therefore, the next logical step forward was the creation of Terrendis, a new Belgian subsidiary fully dedicated to manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of pre-insulated plastic piping systems. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of pre-insulated plastic pipe systems, Terrendis combines RYB’s core competences and know-how with exten-sive product, channel and application experience and a long-term commitment to the sanitary and heating, infrastructure and renewable energy markets.

The company’s pre-insulated pipes contribute to the overall energy saving performance of a heating distribution system. In addition to fossil heat sources, their systems are ideally combined with environmentally friendly, renewable energy powered heat sources such as biogas/biomass operated CHPs, heat pumps, wood pellet boilers, excess heat recovery plants, etc.

Terrendis’ highly flexible, pre-insulated pipe systems are produced in 100m coils, and are available with a single carrier pipe (SINGLE), or combin-ing the flow and the return carrier pipes in the same jacket pipe (DOUBLE). Also a combination of both heating and sanitary circulation pipes in the same jacket pipe (QUADRUPLE) is included in their standard offering.

The carrier pipes are made from PE-Xa 95°C/6 bar SDR 11 for heating and PE-Xa 95°C/10 bar SDR 7.4 for sanitary applications. For cold and cooling applications, the standard HDPE (PE 100) 25°C/16 bar SDR 11 is used. Their pre-insulated pipes are primarily intended for the transport of heating water, or other heat-transfer media, in underground distribution networks; or for the transport of sanitary hot water, cold potable (drinking) water and cooling water. For our SINGLE heating range, the PE-Xa carrier pipes have an orange col-oured oxygen-diffusion barrier. For our DOUBLE heating range, the flow pipe is coloured orange, and the return pipe is blue. This colour code enables easy identification of flow and return during installation, even with mounted shrink end caps.

The multi-layer thermal insulation is made from microcellular PE-X foam with a water-repellent closed cell structure, characterised by its durable, non-ageing insulation performance, and its permanent elasticity, maximizing the thickness of the insulation layer, even after multiple times bending.

The high-grade, double walled, corrugated HDPE sleeve shields the pre-insulated pipe system against mechanical impacts and moist, whilst maintain-ing maximum flexibility.

The offering is further completed with a comprehensive range of purpose-designed couplings and accessories, providing a total system solution.

Terrendis works in the different geographic areas with independent local distribution partners, that are prepared to collaborate under pre-agreed condi-tions in exchange for geographic exclusivity. It is continuously looking for a commercial WIN-WIN, essential to develop the aspired durable business partnership. When interest-ed to further explore a possible cooperation with Terrendis NV, and the possibility to represent Ter-rendis in everyone’s region please contact info@terrendis.com.

23.04.2015 г.